Well we had a busy weekend filled with friends & holiday cheer. Yesterday we had another great session and so we continue to work with so many awesome people and are so blessed to have them come into our lives. Recently, we visited an awesome family… Brandon & Steph live in San Diego and we took photos of their two little boys, Will & Nolan. They are a crack up! When we got there the two were very anxious to show me their rooms, toys & the fish tank (I noticed all the fish & how clear the tank was). Then we went out and played in the backyard and took the photos. Nolan was very “2”, all over the place, I had to be quick, but I was able to catch that gleem in his eyes.

Afterwards, we had some dinner with the family, there was a brief moment where the boys were back in their bedrooms. Later, Nolan came out and Steph noticed some flaky stuff on his face. “What is that”? she exclaimed. So, she dusted it off, then realized what it may be. As she took off to the room where the fish tank was, she noticed that is was dinner time for them as well. Somehow Nolan got the fish food and proceeded to dump the remainder of the bottle in the tank. Will, the older of the two boys said he didn’t know how Nolan got the food from up on a shelf he couldn’t reach…wink wink! Ya gotta love moments like this. Kids will be kids and Brandon will have to spend his Sunday cleaning the fish tank!

Thanks to the Spann Family for photos, food & entertainment! You guys were great!