Hello Kids…

When I was 10 years old I started babysitting a neighbor’s little boy to earn some extra money. Yes, I was young but always ended up being more mature for my age. Over the years, I continued to babysit many little children and become a part of there little lives and it still remains a passionate subject in my photography. During my photographic career I have had many opportunities to photograph children of all ages. From my days as a baby photographer, shooting newborns all they way to the senior’s in high school. They have kept me laughing, making obnoxious noises to get there attention, and yes I sound like an idiot sometimes, but it makes them happy. I have come to understand that photography makes an impression in people’s lives, leaving me feeling very rewarded.

Our blog is meant for people to get to know us, the real us…Jeff & Dana. So, I thought I would share this little part of my heart and hopefully melt yours!

Enjoy some of these moments! J+D

Ellie sporting her hat at the Long Beach Crawfish Festival

Ellie & Mama walking

Ellie by the Flowers

Ellie’s friend Foster…apparently Foster freezes up for pictures and usually won’t smile, not the case here!

Looking at the water…The Queen Mary was in the distance.


Anthony’s First Birthday…Carbon Canyon Park!

I am One, I walk & read my birthday card!

I leave you with this…you always wonder what these little minds are thinking of. The End!