Happy Wednesday Everyone! Life has been busy as usual for the Sipper’s, this last week or so I have been working with my friend Melly on some new marketing postcards for the portrait side of our business.  Melly is such a fabulous designer, she knows our branding and always comes up with exactly what I envisioned. We are two peas in a pod I tell ya!

We also decided to add some spice to the website, so keep a look out for our new splash page which is coming very soon! Our flash designer is Tanya Ahedo who was referred to us by our client Kirsten Wright. By the way, if anyone needs any Creative Writing or Copywriting for your business or blog, contact Kirsten, she does some fabulous work. Both of these ladies are great and it has been a pleasure working creatively with both of them.

So, last night we took a little break and attended our first Angel’s game of the season. Both Jeff & I love baseball, it is such a great past time that we have shared with our families. Though we have our Angels vs. Yankees rivalry we still remain happily married. We both knew of this going in, but still stuck together. Don’t get me wrong, I support the Angels when they are playing any other team but the Yankees, THEN IT’S ON!

Baseball reminds me of my dad too, those Yankee games are still a bit hard, it makes me think of old times…we used to have so much fun going! My dad and I ventured all over to see the Yanks, so many memories…I miss & love ya dad!

Speaking of missing people, it was such a tragedy losing the Angel pitcher, Nick Adenhart. It was somber near the hat entrance of the stadium where a huge memorial was set for him.

I really got choked up reading this letter from a 10 year old fan, it was so heartfelt and really shows how these players become heroes to us.

The support was amazing out there as the sun was setting. Here is a shot of one of the hats, I took while we were waiting for our friends Tony & Jeanette to arrive.

We were so excited to get together with them, this game was going to be so cool because it was their son Anthony’s first baseball game. Anthony enjoyed himself so much, he ate a hot dog, clapped his hands & cheered! We all had a great time and Aunt Dana & Uncle Jeff felt so honored to share this first with him.

Hope you all have a great rest of your week! I leave you with these two final shots of Little A’s first Baseball game!

Enjoy, J+D

Sitting on dad’s lap enjoying the game!