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It looks like we can still squeeze in a Weekly Wednesday with four more hours to spare. Hope everyone’s 4th of July holidays were great! I guess by now, we are all getting back into the groove,it has taken us a few days. We had an awesome time with my sister Cindy and her boyfriend Greg this past weekend. We all went wine tasting this past Friday in Temecula. We ventured to a few places…Falkner, Wilson Creek, Keyways and Robert Renzoni Vineyards. The Sipper’s became a new family member to the Robert Renzoni wine club, fabulous wine by an Italian winemaker, we just loved it! The rest of the weekend was filled with fireworks, pool time, the beach and time with family!

Another fun filled weekend is on its way with some product shooting on Saturday, a client meeting and a family session on Sunday…we just keep rolling!

Today I had the chance to visit with my dear friend Melly. It was nice to have lunch with her and catch up! Later we ventured back to her house where I got to play with her  two kids Amelie and Rayden. I snapped a few photos of Rayden, the little man is going to be 2 months old on Saturday. It was a great day…oh and an image for all of you because I am sure you want to see how much Rayden has grown!

Have a fabulous rest of your week! J+D

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This past Friday, I had a chance to catch up with my friend Adrienne, we met almost 15 years ago during our days at Penn State, where we were both chasing our passion for photography. It was nice to take time out of our busy schedules and meet up in Fullerton at the Tranquil Tea Lounge. I heard that it was opening, and thought it would be a great place for two old friends to meet and catch up on our busy lives. The Tranquil Tea lounge has a fabulous urban atmosphere with 85 tea selections to chose from served hot or cold! Great tea, food and vibe that you must check out!! Here are two images I snapped while we were there, because a girl never leaves home without her camera.

Samples of the teas to get an idea of what to order!

While we were there, I met a fellow photographer, Aaron Dieppa, who was taking some photos of the grand opening. We got to chatting about photography, lighting (because Adrienne is a former Lighting Designer) and how we met our significant others. You’ve gotta love just hanging out and chatting with great people, it was so nice to see my old friend and great to meet a new one too! Aaron was kind enough to snap this photo of Adrienne and I at the Tranquil Tea Lounge! It was great seeing Adrienne and catching up…love ya girl!

So the shooting continues…on Saturday we had a great shoot with Chad + Vivian near the train depot in San Juan Capistrano…great couple!  Stay tuned for their post in the next few days!

We have also been hitting the bridal shows this week looking for some fabulous 2009/2010 brides. If you want to check out J+D Bridal Show Style, stop by and see us this Sunday, June 14th at the Meadowlark Golf Club in Huntington Beach, CA from 10am-4pm! Would love to see you there! Here is a shot of our table from last week, so keep an eye out for us…

Tomorrow my mom, sister Gloria and her boyfriend Jeremiah are coming to visit for a few days from the AZ! I am so excited to see them…I just love my family & friends!!!! Well, that is it for now…we hope you have a great rest of the week! J+D

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Happy Wednesday Everyone! What is new in your world? Anything  fun or exciting? We are excited about our upcoming destination wedding to Minnesota. Our friend David Equire, also co-host of Camera Dojo recommended us to a fabulous couple Tony+Annie who will be getting married in September. They are having their reception at the Chalet of a local Ski Resort, it sounds so cool. We can’t wait to share this special day with the two of them, they are such a fun-loving couple! Congratulations to you both…and we will see you in September!

Last week we did 3 shoots for Broughton Quarterly, this is our 3rd issue in which Sipper Photography has contributed. We just love working with the Broughton’s everyone is always so nice and their hotels are stunning. If anyone is looking to take a trip this summer, check out the Broughton properties, they have several boutique hotels all over California, Chicago, and Bali Indonesia (would love to shoot there). We have visited the The Andres in Palm Springs, The Wine Valley Inn in Solvang and The Georgian Hotel up in Santa Monica, and we highly recommend all of them for your next getaway.

If you need a little getaway each day, here is one for you! Jeff was invited to participate in a fun new blog called OC Daily Photo. He will be submitting a photo each week that will post on Saturday’s. The idea behind it is to just show interesting things that go on in Orange County, CA and share it with everyone. There are some fun images on the site, so check it out when you get a chance!

So, things have been a little busy as usual, but we have made time for a few glasses (or bottles) of wine in the mix of things because you must keep your priorities in check! Right?

Well, we finally got our Bridal Portrait video up for all of you too! Our recent shoot with Lori, Kylee & Richelle was such a success that we just had too many favorites. We decided to make up a slideshow of some of the other images, it even shows Hair by Kylee at work doing some make-up. We also found some awesome music to go with it too! Our close friend in Nasville, Jayne Nelsen was so kind to let us a use a song from her album “No Regrets”. You must check out her music and see what she is up to at I know she is about to go out on another radio tour this month to promote her album and we wish her lots of luck! Be sure to request her single “What it Really Is” at your local country music station if you like what you hear. We wish her much success with her career, she truly is a talented artist.

I feel so honored to be present with this cast of very talented women. Thank you so much to all of you!


Hair+Make-Up by Stylist: Kylee House 949.433.1279

Floral Design by: The Flower Girl

Music by: Jayne Nelsen, Album “No Regrets” Song “Leave the Light On”

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Happy Wednesday to all…we are half way through the week and we hope everyone is having a good one. It has been a busy week for us with shooting and scheduling things for the next month. I feel like I am just buzzing around like a busy little bee…I think since Spring came and now we are approaching Summer, I feel very motivated. This beautiful time of year just makes you feel refreshed and hopeful that there are many possibilities right around the corner.

I think this new life we celebrated this week is influencing my sunny disposition. My friend Melly gave birth to a brand new little boy. Rayden Anthony was born on Monday, May 11th at 2:10pm, he is a big boy 7 pounds, 15 ounces (let’s just say 8lbs) and 18 1/2 inches. I was honored to meet him yesterday afternoon, it was great to see the proud mom and dad as well as some of their family. My favorite was his “Big Sister Amy” who was so curious and proud of her new little brother. She had so many questions about baby Rayden, she couldn’t wait to help feed him and take his picture! All of that innocence and curiosity is really uplifting…it just makes you so happy and once again I am in awe to have photographed such a special moment with this family.

Congratulations to Melly+Chris+Amy on your new baby Rayden! Armed with my camera as usual here are a few of Rayden’s first photos…


Here he is…Rayden Anthony all swaddled!

A curious Amy takes a photo of her new brother!

He is awake…

The proud “Big Sister Amy”

Asleep again…

Amy + Mommy feed baby…

Thanks for letting Aunt Dana take your first photos! Until next time…

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Hey everyone!

Sorry for the lack of posts this week.  We got busy, and then by the time we got down to work on some pictures, our computer was acting up!  One of those weeks, I guess!

One of the coolest things to happen to us in a while happened last week, when our friend, Kerry Garrison, who, along with David Esquire, make up the team over at Camera Dojo, sent us a message asking if we’d want to be interviewed for their weekly Podcast!  Of course we would!  Team Sipper is always down for talking about what we love to do, and Kerry and David are cool guys and a TON of fun to hang out with!  I’ve listened to their Podcast for the last 5 or 6 months now and it’s full of great interviews with some amazing photographers.  Go check it out, and let us know what ya think over at

Another thing that you may have noticed, if you’ve checked out our website in the past couple days, is that we put up an exciting new Splash Page! Ya see, we love our logo, but thought that the opening page was… well.. a bit bland, so we enlisted the services of Tanya Ahedo over at Design Action Studios to kick it up a bit!  We LOVE it!   I love new stuff on our site!

Well, that’s all I have right now.  We are heading out to the Art Walk in downtown Santa Ana tonite with our friend Scott.  We’ve never been there, but it looks like it could be pretty fun!


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Happy Wednesday Everyone! Life has been busy as usual for the Sipper’s, this last week or so I have been working with my friend Melly on some new marketing postcards for the portrait side of our business.  Melly is such a fabulous designer, she knows our branding and always comes up with exactly what I envisioned. We are two peas in a pod I tell ya!

We also decided to add some spice to the website, so keep a look out for our new splash page which is coming very soon! Our flash designer is Tanya Ahedo who was referred to us by our client Kirsten Wright. By the way, if anyone needs any Creative Writing or Copywriting for your business or blog, contact Kirsten, she does some fabulous work. Both of these ladies are great and it has been a pleasure working creatively with both of them.

So, last night we took a little break and attended our first Angel’s game of the season. Both Jeff & I love baseball, it is such a great past time that we have shared with our families. Though we have our Angels vs. Yankees rivalry we still remain happily married. We both knew of this going in, but still stuck together. Don’t get me wrong, I support the Angels when they are playing any other team but the Yankees, THEN IT’S ON!

Baseball reminds me of my dad too, those Yankee games are still a bit hard, it makes me think of old times…we used to have so much fun going! My dad and I ventured all over to see the Yanks, so many memories…I miss & love ya dad!

Speaking of missing people, it was such a tragedy losing the Angel pitcher, Nick Adenhart. It was somber near the hat entrance of the stadium where a huge memorial was set for him.

I really got choked up reading this letter from a 10 year old fan, it was so heartfelt and really shows how these players become heroes to us.

The support was amazing out there as the sun was setting. Here is a shot of one of the hats, I took while we were waiting for our friends Tony & Jeanette to arrive.

We were so excited to get together with them, this game was going to be so cool because it was their son Anthony’s first baseball game. Anthony enjoyed himself so much, he ate a hot dog, clapped his hands & cheered! We all had a great time and Aunt Dana & Uncle Jeff felt so honored to share this first with him.

Hope you all have a great rest of your week! I leave you with these two final shots of Little A’s first Baseball game!

Enjoy, J+D

Sitting on dad’s lap enjoying the game!

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