OC Blog Crush @ The Veggie Grill

Well as most of you know, we have really gotten into our blog this past year! We just love sharing our work with everyone and writing about all the fabulous people we meet at our sessions. I used to love to write poetry when I was younger, I had so much time to sit with my thoughts and reflect on life. It seems as adults we don’t take the time to just sit and relax with our thoughts and be inspired. All we do these days is make our way through the hustle and bustle of daily life and we forget to stop and take a moment to feel inspired. Most of our blogs are about our work, but this work inspires me, so I feel I can escape with my blogs and just think about these moments. Sometimes these moments are with people we just met, our friends, travels or just what is happening with us during the week (such as Jeff’s Weekly Rant’s…as I like to call them!) 🙂

Anyways, my point is that we love to write our blogs whether they are for work or play! We keep writing because sometimes opening a link to a blog makes someone’s day! Recently, we have had the opportunity to meet up with some other bloggers in Orange County to talk about why we write our blogs and just make some new friends. It is fun to chat with others who are into blogging and why they do it. We have all of these social groups that we all get caught up in, but it is nice to go out and just talk to people.

Last week we went to the Veggie Grill at the Irvine Spectrum and sat on their patio and just talked to people.It was a lot of fun and a great opportunity to meet some new friends.

The Veggie Grill had some fabulous Salads & Sandwich’s. We had never eaten at a Vegetarian place before, but we’ll give it a go.  I always say try something once, and if you don’t like it, just don’t do it again! Jeff had the “Bean Me Up Chili”, he said he would order that again…I had a little taste and thought it was really good. I enjoyed the Bayou Chickin’ Sandwich…I thought of New Orleans when I ordered it…I just love the Cajun food. Surprisingly, I thought I was eating real chicken…it was delicious!

Our friend Suzanne and fellow blogger was there, and she had the Baja Fiesta Salad…it looked yummy…here it is!

Me + Suzanne…

Another friend and fellow blogger, Kristen of The Meringue Bake Shop was there with her Margarita cupcakes. It was the day after Cinco de Mayo, so we celebrated on Seis de Mayo with our delicious cupcakes. By the way, her red velvet cupcake is the “bomb” as well, so if you are looking for cupcakes for your next party or event you should check her out! Here is a shot of our fancy cupcake…all we need now is a Margarita, yum!

So it was an evening of Food, Cupcakes, New Friends and as always…a little photography! What can I say, these things make me happy. It was nice to meet all of you, even if we only got to chat briefly, hope to see you again soon.

Here are all of our blogs if anyone wants to read in their leisure…lots of good stuff going on!

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Roxanne of Me and My Monster: http://themomblog.freedomblogging.com/author/rhack/
Aracely of Day Tripping Mom: http://daytrippingmom.blogspot.com/
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Jen from Tiny Oranges: http://www.tinyoranges.com/
Kirsten of Wright Creativity: http://wrightcreativity.com/
Debbie from Peace Love and Momminess: http://peaceloveandmomminess.com/
Martha from Melody Gibbons: http://melodygibbons.com/
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Tracy from Tracy Clark: http://www.traceyclark.com/blog
Lorna of Calif Lorna: http://califlorna.com/mission-accomplished-202

And my final shot of the evening…as we were leaving the Irvine Spectrum…The Ferris Wheel before all the lights went out!

Enjoy, J+D

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The Happiest Place on Earth…

On Thursday night, Jeff surprised and said he made plans for us to go to Disneyland on Saturday. I was having a bit of a down day, so he thought he would cheer me up…what a nice guy. We have been working a lot lately, so it was nice to just have fun! We didn’t get out there until about two o’clock and stayed until around nine…at that point my feet hurt and we were both exhausted. How did we do it as a kid? I guess the real question is how did our parents do it when we asked them to get us there when it opened and stay until it closed! Pure torture I say for our folks, they must of really loved us!

We had a fabulous day, rides, food & photos…who could ask for more!

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P.J.’s Abbey Downtown Orange, CA

Yesterday was my birthday so I spent most of the day doing things for me. I started with a haircut & color because every birthday needs a new do! I have spoke about Hair by Kylee before, she works at the W Salon in Laguna Hills, so if anyone needs a new hairstylist, she is the one. You can reach her at 949.433.1279. As I left for my appointment, I decided to grab the camera and promised myself to just take a photo today, not for work, just for pure art & pleasure.

Later I met up with my mother-in-law Bev for my birthday lunch at P.J.’s Abbey restaurant in downtown Orange. We had both been there before, in the old Victorian style church such a beautiful setting for a restaurant. The food was great and as we sat and ate, my eye wandered at all beauty of the wood furnishings & stained glass windows, so here is where I would take my photo of the day…a birthday present to myself! As the place cleared out from the lunch crowd my photo opt was perfect. As I was shooting one of the owner’s came out and greeted me, he was the nicest man and told me some history of the stained glass windows. They were dedicated on an Easter Sunday mass in the late 1800’s and they were just beautiful. Here are a few of the shots I graced my birthday with, may you find some artistic passion in them as I have. Thank you Bev, for a lovely lunch and suggesting such an amazing place and to PJ’s Abbey.

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It’s Bolognese time!

Hey everyone!

Thanks again for checking out the blog. We are in the process of reconfiguring the blog to give you bigger, sexier pictures to check out, so bear with us another week or so, until all the detail work gets ironed out! There are also going to be some site design changes hopefully in the next month… so be on the lookout! 🙂

Lately, I’ve been playing around with food photography. Nothing too exciting, no elaborate setups or anything, just cooking something which looks good, and hopefully tastes the same. Most times it’s pretty good, sometimes… not so much! (Don’t ask about the stir fry we made the other night… no bueno!). Tonight’s exciting meal was a Turkey Rigatoni Bolognese. It’s one of our fave meals to cook, and pretty simple to cook. You know you want some!! -Jeff

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