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For those of you who know us, you know that we LOVE New Orleans! Both Jeff and I have traveled to NOLA on several occasions as we just love that city.  We were just there in October eating some jambalaya and drinking hurricanes, as well as exploring the French Quarter.  This trip we also took a ride out to the beautiful Oak Alley Plantation and saw many other fabulous plantations along the way.  These are such great locations for Weddings in and around the New Orleans area.  One of the hot spots for weddings this past October was in Jackson Square and in the St. Louis Cathedral in the French Quarter.   What a great back drop to say your I-do’s and do your wedding photography.  Then there is nothing better than after the ceremony when the Treme Brass Band rolls up to start a second line for the couple as they dance and celebrate through the famous streets of the French Quarter including Bourbon Street! We actually joined a few second lines this time as we LOVE that New Orleans Jazz and of course LOVE anything weddings!

With our love for New Orleans and Weddings, one of our goal’s for 2012 is to get there for more weddings this year!  With this goal in mind we were so excited to have been quoted in a recent magazine article about New Orleans Weddings.  Where Y’At Magazine is a local New Orleans publication that recently featured an article about wedding trends in their January 2012 issue.  The local writer, Tyler Lott who is a New Orleans native reached out to us as she wanted our perspective from what we see with wedding trends in Southern California and how they coincide with the trends in New Orleans.  You can see the entire article online at Where Y’At magazine.  In the meantime, look here…it’s The Sipper’s and we are so excited to be a part of New Orleans Weddings too.


January 2012 cover of Where Y’at Magazine

Sipper Photography is quoted twice in the New Orleans Wedding Article: The Many Ways to Say “I do”

So excited that our quote about wedding trends was chosen out of the article for the pull quote.

For further info on having Sipper Photography shoot your wedding in New Orleans, please visit our website.

A Simple+Modern+Casual husband and wife photography team that Loves Weddings and New Orleans even more…

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Today marks 10 years since the 9|11 tragedy.  Over the past several days there have been documentaries on TV and memorial tributes to 9|11.  We went to the Angels vs Yankees game on Friday evening and they rolled out the American Flag on the field as a tribute to America.  There are so many stories from those on that day.  I am sure many of you looked back and thought about where you were on that day the planes struck the World Trade Center towers.  Most of us on the west coast woke up to the tragic news.  Our alarm clock went off that morning to the news on the radio.  We were in shock to hear the 1st tower had been struck and immediately stood up in bed and turned on the TV to see the news. We have taken a moment to remember that day, it was tragic.  I teared up today as I watched the coverage in New York City as they launched the Memorial Fountains at Ground Zero.  Many lives were lost and peoples lives were changed forever.

It is hard to believe that someone would want to cause so much pain to a country and its people.  We will never forget what happened on September 11, 2001 but we will live our lives and hopefully cherish each day that we are given.  I know I do.   I can’t even imagine being near those buildings when they collapsed.  I can relate though to the loss of a loved one.  Though time goes by, we live on but never forget them.  It is hard to understand why things happen, but we must stand together and be thankful for each day we are given.

Most of you know how much Jeff and I love to travel!  Recently, we had a brief visit to New York City. Today I wanted to share some shots from our trip to New York City this summer as a tribute to the city.  Though the city suffered at one time, it is still a beautiful place.  We only drove by Ground Zero as it was and still is under construction, but explored many other places in Manhattan.
To all of those that lost their lives September 11, 2001 we remember you!  Thank you to all of those who served on that day and since then.  We will never forget what you did for us.



 I took this from the car of One New York Plaza in the financial district of New York City

 View of the city looking up through the sun roof in our car!

Portrait of a Couple walking in the street of New York City

Imagine in Strawberry Fields, New York City

Directing Traffic in New York City

Subway Sign in New York City

View of the New York City Scape from the 86th floor view of the Empire State Building

Another view of New York City and its skyscrapers.  This shot was taken from the 86th floor of the Empire State Building.  In the distance to the right you can see the Statue of Liberty.  Just to the left of the Hudson from there you can see the construction of the new tower at Ground Zero.

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Jeff and I have lived in the Tustin and Orange areas for about 10 years now.  We have driven up and down Newport Boulevard in Tustin hundreds of times and have always wondered about the Ivy covered building called Nieuport 17.  We have always wanted to check out the restaurant, but never seemed to find the time.  Well, recently the mystery has been solved as  Nieuport 17 hosted our Orange County Blog Crush group this month.


Tustin’s Nieuport 17 Restaurant is a local restaurant serving premiere steak, seafood and cocktails.


Walking into the Aviation themed spot, I felt like I was walking into another time.  The walls were covered with photos and such of aviation history.  Owner Bill Bettis shared with us his story of opening his restaurant and told us the background of  Nieuport 17.  He named his restaurant after a World War 1 airplane.  Many of you may not know, but Tustin used have a large military base in their city, so famous Pilots and Officers used to flock to this restaurant for dining and cocktails.


Lobby of Nieuport 17 Restaurant


Neiuport 17 is filled with grand decor including the Antler Chandeliers


Nieuport 17 Dining Room


Executive Chef Marco Colin served several fantastic specialties including a

Goat Cheese, Pecan and Fig Appetizer (They were divine)


Not only does Nieuport 17 have fabulous food and a wonderful dining experience, but each evening they have live entertainment in the Barnstormers Bar.  Jeff and I loved this.  We sat by the fireplace in the tufted sofa and listened to the piano player.  The best part was we sipped some of our favorite classic cocktails.  I enjoyed a Pimm’s Cup (or two) and Jeff, an Old Fashioned.  We totally loved our experience and the service was impeccable.  We just may have found a new spot to dine or just sit and enjoy a cocktail when we need a break.


Nieuport 17 is located at:  13051 Newport Ave, Tustin, CA 92780



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Happy Friday!  Does anyone have anything fun planned this weekend?  I have been meaning to share this shot for some time now, it was from our travels to Arizona a few months ago.  We were heading to the Phoenix airport that night to pick up the hubby, so he could join us for the weekend.  As we were waiting for his flight to come in my sister Gloria and her boyfriend Jeremiah drove me over the Tempe Bridge.  I had been meaning to take a shot of this bridge for sometime now and here was my chance.  At night, it was even better!

Tempe Arizona Bridge At Night

Tempe Arizona Bridge at Night
Photo By: Dana Sipper, October 2010

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It is a very rainy Sunday afternoon here in Orange County.  I have used the day to relax and be cozy at home.  Jeff is watching an old movie “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” while I go through our own family moments and post a few photos.  The holidays are a hectic time, but so far we have enjoyed Thanksgiving with the family and a trip to the Bay Area.  We love San Francisco!  Jeff lived up there while attending the Academy of Art to study photography, so he always loves to go an visit the old hood.   It was a rainy day in the city, much like today, but we found ourselves all over the place.  It was very festive in Union Square with the huge Christmas Tree and all of the Macy’s decorations.  We also visited the SFMOMA to see the Cartier-Bresson exhibit. I truly was inspired and it reminded me of why I became a photographer.  Moments in your life, is what it is about and that is why I chose this career.

As most of you know, Jeff and I are always taking photos when we travel.  I thought this one would be appropriate today with all of this rain!  This is a shot Jeff took of me in the city of San Francisco at night in the rain.  Some would say it is my “Singing in the Rain” portrait.  I love it!  Hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend.  Happy Holiday! J+D

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A very Happy Monday to all of you!  Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend, we sure did.   It started off with a relaxing Friday evening on the sofa in front of the TV.  Yes, sometimes you just have to chill and flip through the channels.  It was around 10pm that I stumbled across the movie Julie & Julia.  We had never seen it before, so we decided to watch it.  It was a cute story in which we were both fascinated by all the fabulous meals that were prepared.  Of course we loved Julia’s accent “Butter” everything is better with butter and lots of it!

The next day we had to go to Barnes and Noble and check out her book “Mastering the Art of French Cooking”.  My first recipe to look up as I thumbed through the index was Beef Bourguignon otherwise known as Beef Stew with red wine, bacon, onions and mushrooms.   You had Jeff at “Bacon” so we decided to pick the book up and test our mad cooking skills.  It was a fabulous dish in which we paired with a Mouton Cadet Bordeaux…AMAZING!!!!

The Sipper’s Beef Bourguignon

I have to say that it was fun to cook together.  Cooking is just another fine art that inspires me to be greater.  I just love when you can throw passions together, for us food, wine and photography.

It made me think of a recent session we did for my friend Priscilla.  She has an Orange County food blog in which she writes about her favorite recipes, restaurants and such.  It is a great blog and I was honored to share some recipes with her as well as do a portrait of her for her site.

Meet Priscilla, of She’s Cookin’!

Some of Priscilla’s favorite cookbooks in which she gets inspiration from.

I was intrigued by this book before I saw the movie and now I know why!

Along with taking a fabulous portrait of Priscilla, she made two fabulous dishes in which I got to taste as well as photograph to be featured on her blog.  The first are Grilled Lamb Kabobs, which were so colorful and just melted in my mouth!  The second was a Zucchini and Sun Dried Tomato Tart which was also fantastic.  The crust was so flaky and the tart was filled with such wonderful flavors including some cheesy goodness!  I love cheese, I think I am a mouse sometimes!

Grilled Lamb Kabobs (Recipe at her blog)

Zucchini and Sun Dried Tomato Tart by She’s Cookin’.  You can find the recipe at her blog.

Well, with talk of all this food…I am hungry!  Thanks Priscilla for cooking for me and sharing your fabulous talent with us.  Feel free to stop by Shescookin’ for more fabulous recipes and food.  Also, thanks Julia for a fabulous cook book, we can’t wait to try more recipes.  Until next time!

Cheers, J+D

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