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We just want to welcome our new niece Kelsey into our family. Being featured on the Sipper Photography blog makes it official Kelsey, we are so happy you are here!!! Haha!! All kidding aside a big congratulations to Jenn and Andy on having another beautiful baby girl. Miss Emmi is going to be a great big sister, we love them both dearly. Ok, Jenn and Andy…we love ya too! 🙂 Anyways, here is Kelsey’s first official shoot for her birth announcements. Since Aunt Dana is the paparazzi with her camera. I am sure this will only be the first of many photos over the years, so get ready!

Meet Kelsey Grace!





Smiling at me.  She loves her Aunt Dana already!


Our two nieces!
“Little Sister” Kelsey + “Big Sister” Emmi

Love you both so much!!!!!!






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I know it has been a few weeks since we have posted. I love to blog and share with you all of the happenings with Sipper Photography, but as things get busy it tends to be one of those things I have a hard time getting to.  So, it has been a very busy time for us with both work and our personal lives!  There have been a lot of moments to share over the last month or so with our our family, friends and clients. We have had new babies being born both in our family and to our dear friends Carol and Jesse who just welcomed Baby Noah into the world. I have some photos of him to share today! Also, this weekend we get to meet our new niece Kelsey, I am so excited. It has definitely been a great time for Aunt Dana, as I love all of these little ones.

We have had weddings and newly engaged couples to photograph too and they will all be making a debut here at the blog over the next couple of weeks.   It is so great to share all of these wonderful moments with all of you. Have I mentioned lately that I LOVE what we do!!!!!

Now for what you all have been waiting for. Some photos of Baby Noah at only 6 days old…so precious! Cheers+Love to all, J+D!








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It is a New Year and with that comes new babies being born in 2011.  We have a new niece coming sometime at the end of March, I am so excited and can’t wait to meet her!  The paparazzi will be out in full swing for that one.  LOL

Also, our neighbors Carol and Jesse are expecting another little boy in May.  Oh and TWINS…my friend Hollie is expecting early this summer.  Babies, Babies, Babies… I can’t wait for all of them to be born!  I love doing newborn photography, because I get to document new life and how tiny these little ones are only once in their lifetime.  It truly is an amazing thing!  This is Baby Logan, feel free to oooh and ahhh over him all you want!  Have a great day!  J+D

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Today I have the pleasure of sharing with you Baby Addyson.  It is always such a honor to share a families first moments with their newborn.  A big congratulations to Ryan and Stef on their new baby girl.  Thanks for sharing your new little one with us, she is just a doll!  Cheers, J+D

I just loved Addyson’s nursery, it was so baby chic!

Meet Baby Addyson, 3 weeks old!

A Beautiful First Family Portrait!

All the best to your new little family!

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Happy Wednesday to all…we are half way through the week and we hope everyone is having a good one. It has been a busy week for us with shooting and scheduling things for the next month. I feel like I am just buzzing around like a busy little bee…I think since Spring came and now we are approaching Summer, I feel very motivated. This beautiful time of year just makes you feel refreshed and hopeful that there are many possibilities right around the corner.

I think this new life we celebrated this week is influencing my sunny disposition. My friend Melly gave birth to a brand new little boy. Rayden Anthony was born on Monday, May 11th at 2:10pm, he is a big boy 7 pounds, 15 ounces (let’s just say 8lbs) and 18 1/2 inches. I was honored to meet him yesterday afternoon, it was great to see the proud mom and dad as well as some of their family. My favorite was his “Big Sister Amy” who was so curious and proud of her new little brother. She had so many questions about baby Rayden, she couldn’t wait to help feed him and take his picture! All of that innocence and curiosity is really uplifting…it just makes you so happy and once again I am in awe to have photographed such a special moment with this family.

Congratulations to Melly+Chris+Amy on your new baby Rayden! Armed with my camera as usual here are a few of Rayden’s first photos…


Here he is…Rayden Anthony all swaddled!

A curious Amy takes a photo of her new brother!

He is awake…

The proud “Big Sister Amy”

Asleep again…

Amy + Mommy feed baby…

Thanks for letting Aunt Dana take your first photos! Until next time…

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Happy Monday Peeps! I have been off to a good one. Started my day off with a little yoga at Yoga in the Hills, I have practiced for several years on and off, and I decided to get back into this past November….trying to go at least 2-3 times a week. Yoga makes me feel great and it really helps us photographers. I don’t know about anyone else but when I shoot, it is a workout. I am constantly working my arms with my Nikon tank and squatting! I get to take awesome photos &  do some exercise! Once again, a very rewarding job I have.

So, I am sure you have all heard by now about our Little Niece Emmi who was born on New Year’s Eve. I am just the proudest Auntie! Well, recently I went up for a few days to meet Miss Em and help out a bit with the new baby. I pretty much hogged her up the whole time I was there, I just love her. My sister in law warned Emmi that the “paparazzi” (her Aunt Dana) was coming town and so I had to get the shots!

Previously, I posted a few snapshots, but here are some other’s we took for the baby announcements! Hope you all have a splendid week, I know I will it is my birthday on Friday! The cards and wishes have already started to roll in, so I decided to have a birthday week celebration instead of just a day.



When you’re smiling…when you’re smiling…the whole world smiles!

I love those little feet!

and hands too…anyone ever see the movie “Undercover Brother”? Solid!

Modeling can be a tough gig!

Jenn, Emmi & Andy…the happy family!

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