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Oak Hill Park | Danville, CA | Bay Area Family Portraits

We have another great family who joined us on our family portrait day at Oak Hill Park in Danville.  This is our second time shooting with the fabulous Katz Family too.  We have known Matt and Lorraine for a few years now and we have watched their family grow.  It looks like we have another catalog family here with the styling for their family portrait.  I love the argyle sweaters the boys are sporting and I just can’t get enough of this weeping willow tree.  LOVE,LOVE, LOVE it!   It makes for the perfect spot for a family portrait!  Thanks to Matt, Lorraine, Lincoln and Victoria for sharing your family with us once again.  We appreciate all of our clients, especially the ones who come back again.  It is always nice to see you.

Cheers, J+D

Matt, Lorraine, Lincoln and Victoria = Family

Victoria and Lorraine

Lincoln and Matt



We loved this photo…all I can say is that sometimes the best picture is the one that is the real picture!

Kids aren’t always smiley and perfect so why should all of their photos be that way!

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Oak Hill Park | Danville, CA | Bay Area Family Portrait

One of the best things about our job is we get to travel.  Recently, we scheduled a couple Family Portrait Sessions at Oak Hill Park in Danville for some of our Bay Area clients.  Today we have one of them to share of Julie, Corey and Caleb. This is the second time we have done a portrait  for them.  The first time we shot was in Point Loma, San Diego with their extended family. You can see their previous session by clicking here.  This time we did their session up in their neck of the woods. We just loved the location!

They are such a sweet little family!  I give them props on the styling of their shoot as they look like a family out of a catalog!  Thanks to Julie, Corey and Caleb for coming back for more at Sipper Photography.

Enjoy the photos! J+D


A shot of the family at the Tire Swing

Caleb on the Tire Swing

Oh I loved this shot of the family by the weeping willow tree!

Caleb, hamming it up a bit!

A shot of Corey+Julie by the weeping willow tree.
I always like to take a shot of the couple during a family session because it reminds them of where they started before kids!

Mother+Son Portrait

A fun shot of father and son playing in the park!

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Woodbury Irvine Family Photography

This is a Family Portrait Session we recently shot in Irvine.  What a gorgeous little family!  My job isn’t easy sometimes when part of the portrait session entails chasing a 20 month old around the park, wiping her nose and picking her up after she runs too fast then falls.  It feels like chaos as we are shooting, but my mom always says “Patience is a Virtue”.  Thank goodness I am blessed with the gift of patience as I need it to photograph children.  That is all it takes…haha!!!

Somehow that chaos always turns into the beautiful moments of our lives!  Here is Brandon, Katy, Madison and Avery…

Enjoy, J+D



Family Portrait

Brandon+Katy, what a gorgeous couple!

Brandon and his daughter Madison


Little Miss Avery.  Look how beautiful those eyes are…love her little Ugg boots she is modeling!

Mom+Avery walking up the path!

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A New Home: Family Portrait | Orange County Family Portrait Photographer

Happy New Year to all.  I can’t believe 2012 is here!  It is a new year filled with new possibilities and we are looking forward to it.  We are off to a busy start with our business and can’t wait to share all of the marvelous moments this year with both our existing clients and new ones. Speaking of moments to share, today we have a portrait of the wonderful Chen Family who we have been photographing the last three years.  They have the cute triplets we have featured before, August, Sophia and Tatiana.  The triplets are now three years old and with a bigger family comes a bigger house.  When Samantha had the triplets they started designing and building their new home and this past year they got to move into it.  It is all about moments and since this was a big one, I thought how nice would it be to do their family portrait for the year in their new home.

What a beautiful place.  What a beautiful family.  I love seeing the kids each year as they grow up so fast.  August can “ham it up”, he is usually ready for a photo with a smile and so is his sister Sophia.  Tatiana on the other hand, is the serious one of the group.  So my moments with her are on her terms!  Haha!  Needless to say, I love them all!

We wish you all the best for a healthy and prosperous new year this 2012!  Enjoy the moments…



Welcome to our new home!




Another shot of the whole family in their living room!

A portrait of Jonson+Samantha by the piano!

Such a cute moment between sisters!

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Fall Season Portrait by Sipper Photography | Orange County Family Photographer

Here is a Fall Family Portrait we recently did. I love this time of the year when all of the leaves have turned and they start falling to the ground.  Yesterday, I went on a walk with my two nieces and Emmi, who is almost 3 years old was having a ball walking in the leaves.  We swished through the leaves and listened to them crunch.  She then picked up armfuls of the leaves and threw them up in the air.  It was so cute!

Here is Rafael, Dominic and Kristin in the park.  Dominic had just turned a year old so not only did we do this beautiful Fall Family Portrait, but also a few shots of Dominic.  Happy Friday to all.  Enjoy the photos!   J+D


Little Dominic reading his book!

This peacock was sneaking in to our portrait of Dad and Dominic!

Dominic with his cool leather jacket in the Fall leaves!  Love the little boy retro look!

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Mission San Juan Capistrano Family Portrait | Orange County Family Photographer

Well the holiday season is in full swing.  Anybody done with their holiday shopping yet?  I have barely started.  The only gifts I have bought so far are for my nieces.  It is so fun to shop for little girls, I just love being Auntie Bah Bah!!! Not sure about the rest of the family gifts, but at least I am off to a great start.

We have been busy finishing up our weddings for this year and now holiday portraits are the focus.  I love sharing family moments with my clients each year.  It amazes me how time flies as I see the kids grow another year older.   This part of my job is incredible as I never know what I am going to get when it comes to taking photos of children.  Yes, some days it is a lot of work, but a gratifying job at that.  I have learned over the years that the perfect photo of a child isn’t the one of them just looking at the camera and smiling.  They are the ones filled with moments.  A kiss, a walk, holding hands, a smirk, curiosity, being a ham, a look at the new baby in the family, trying to hold the new baby in the family.  These things happen and it is my job to capture that.  All of these moments convey the age and what personality your little one has at that time in their life.  Some kids may change over the years.  Others may display their personality in their childhood photo that stays with them for a lifetime.  Whatever the moment is, you can hold onto it for the rest of your life!

This year we had the opportunity to shoot one of our favorite families at The Mission in San Juan Capistrano!  Sean and Jessica are friends of ours and we have been taking their family photos for a few years now.  This year they have a new addition, daughter Norah who is 6 months.  Their son Foster started school at The Mission.  It has been a big year for their family, so we needed a special spot.  Indeed The Mission was a spectacular place to do their family photos this year.  I just loved it!  I was like a kid in a candy shop.  The walls, fountains, stone, archways…just amazing.  I think everyone had a great time at The Mission as well as a nice shot for their holiday card this year.

Thanks Andersen Family!



The kids, a 4 year old, 2 year old and Baby Norah who is 6 months!  All three kids in the photo and no one is screaming!  🙂

Foster and Josie, these two are so adorable!

Little Norah

I love Foster’s GQ pose in this shot.

Josie checking out the fountain.  Don’t you just love her holiday dress?  Love the bow!

Foster checking out the fish in the fountain!


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Holiday Portrait Special | Orange County Family Photographer

Well here it is folks the 2011 Holiday Portrait Special by Sipper Photography!  Celebrate your family this holiday season by scheduling a family portrait with us.  Photos make a great gift for your loved ones and the best part is you won’t have to go to the mall for this one!  (The guys will love this) You can also use your favorite photo from the session for a holiday card this year.

Our style is very different which makes this a unique gift and memory for your family.  We specialize in an environmental portrait.  What is that you ask?  Well, here is how it works.  You pick the location, this should be something fun.  The beach, park, your local downtown, urban area or your own home.  All are great locations.  It can also be a special family spot… don’t be afraid to think outside of the box.  You can wear holiday clothing colors (even fancy holiday sweaters if you choose) or just something nice if you haven’t had a portrait together in a while.

Remember it doesn’t have to just be families, you can do a holiday session even if it is just the two of you or to celebrate an engagement!  Also, if you want to give a gift of a portrait to someone, we offer gift certificates for Family, Boudoir, Maternity and Newborn sessions.  Weekends are available, but always fill up fast, so schedule today!

To get some ideas for your family portrait this year, visit our gallery . We hope to see you this holiday season!

Cheers, J+D



Orange County Family Portrait Session

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San Diego Newborn and Family Photographer | Baby Brady

Hi all!  Hope you had a great Labor Day holiday weekend.  We sure did.  It is amazing how much stuff you can pack into one weekend.  My sister Gloria and her boyfriend Jeremiah were visiting from Arizona.  On Saturday we watched the Penn State Football game at the OC Sports Grill because Sister G and I had to represent with our fellow PSU Alumni. We then did a little beer tasting at the Old Orange Brewing Company in Orange and continued on to a BBQ with friends. We finished off Saturday night with a little jazz music at the OC Great Park where the Preservation Hall Jazz Band was playing a concert.  We had seen them before in New Orleans.  I can’t get enough of a little “Bourbon Street Parade”!  I love that song!  On Sunday, we headed down to Balboa and walked around the pier and the fun zone.  It was another great day!

Hmmm…I just realized why I was so tired yesterday and just relaxed! It was a great weekend, but went by so fast.  I know it is always hard to get back in to the swing of things after a long weekend, but here we are!

So speaking of visiting with family.  We recently spent some time in San Diego with Jeff’s cousin Paul, his wife Polly and their daughter Ellie.  They have a new addition to their family and we were excited to meet him and take his newborn photos.  We just received his birth announcement in the mail and it turned out great, thanks guys!  Congratulations to all of you and today, Meet Brady Thomas!






Ellie is such a great Big Sister!


Love this shot of Ellie’s Hand holding her little brother’s finger!


A Families Hands!

We went for lunch in Liberty Station near Point Loma, then shot a few family moments in Liberty Park.  Here were a couple moments of the family that I just loved!!!


Ellie looks so sweet in this one!  Such a little model!


I love this one…everyone look at the baby!!!!

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Baby Sofia = All we need is Love! | Orange County Baby Photographer

Happy Friday to all.  The sun is shining this afternoon and I realized I felt the urge to write a blog because I am thankful for so many things.  It has been a great week.  Jeff and I welcomed our new niece into the world yesterday morning, so I am a proud Auntie once again.  A BIG Congratulations to my sister-in-law Jennifer and our fave brother-in-law Andy on their new baby girl Kelsey.  My niece Emmi is now a Big Sister too!  I can’t wait to see them all and hold my new little niece.  I am sure Baby Kelsey will appear at the blog soon, so stay tuned. Until then, I am thankful for my family…I love you guys!

For today I will share with you another baby.  Yet another thing I am thankful for, which is what I do.  Being a photographer I get to share these special moments with my clients all of the time as their new little ones enter the world.  I am so proud to be a part of your lives, it truly is an honor to photograph these first moments in your child’s life.  Here is Baby Sofia and her family, enjoy the photos.

Cheers+Love to all, J+D


Cute little one in pink!



Baby Sofie in her dad’s arms with his Marine Uniform on.

I love it when I am approached to do something different.

Here dad asked if we could somehow do a shot of him holding her with just his uniform showing.

I was so moved by this photo since I saw it appear on the back of the camera.


Here are her little feet too!



Baby Sofie’s Big Sister’s! Such cute little girls…I am so thankful for my sisters.  Nothing but Love!



All we need is Love!












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Peter+Sharmini+Dylan+Serena | Family Portrait Orange County

I love doing family portraits, especially when my families are twice the fun.  Today I share with you Peter, Sharmini and their twins Dylan and Serena.  When I shoot family portraits I try to  make sure I get a great shot of the family together, the kids together and each individual child’s shot.  I also like to get a shot of mom and dad together because that is where family all starts from and I think it is important to remember that.  After all that, my hope is that the family breaks loose and just has fun with a few shots.  It’s the laughter, fun, jokes and being together that makes a family memory.

This family shines like rock stars in their last pose, which was one of dad’s favorites.  Love it!  Thanks to all of you for sharing your family moments with us.  Such a pleasure!  J+D


Family Times!


Dylan and Serena joke around with each other.  Sometimes a moment is the best photo!




Can’t forget where family started, with our parents.  Love this shot of Peter and Sharmini.


Such a fun family.  Here they strike a rock star pose… album cover style!


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