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Recently  I photographed a wedding event at one of the most prestigious hotels in the Los Angeles area.  The Beverly Hilton is known for hosting many elite events, one in particular that you all may know of is the annual Golden Globe awards.  This hotel is also a fabulous venue for your wedding too.  On this particular night, our event was hosted up in The Stardust Room.  This is an intimate space to gather your guests for fabulous food, dancing and great ambiance.  The patio off the Stardust Room has almost a 360 degree view of Los Angeles.  Looking out you are literally feeling like you are on top of the world when you see the view of the city.  It was amazing!  We hope you enjoy the photos from this event.  There are some fabulous wedding vendors and ideas to check out for planning your wedding.  Have a wonderful week, J+D

View from Stardust Room patio at The Beverly Hilton

Welcome to The Beverly Hilton

Table Shot in the Stardust Room

Event produced and designed by drezhersal Event Planning & Lifestyle Co.

Wedding cake provided by The Beverly Hilton

Food and Beverage provided by The Beverly Hilton

Harold of Blue Breeze Band

Bouquet by: Purple Orchid

Center Piece by: Purple Orchid

Beautiful lounge area on the Stardust patio area

Ceremony Set-Up on the Stardust outdoor patio

Venue Location: The BEVERLY HILTON

Wedding & Event Photography by: Sipper Photography

Event Producer: drezrehersal Event Planning & Lifestyle Co.

Florals Provided By: Purple Orchid

Entertainment by:  Blue Breeze Band

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Happy Friday everyone!  We hope you all have a fun Valentine’s holiday planned.  Jeff and I will be visiting Palm Springs this weekend for some work and then a little R&R!  We are so excited to shoot Jeff and Kacy’s wedding tomorrow at The Viceroy Hotel, this is our first wedding of the year and it is going to be fabulous.  Since we were staying over for the wedding, we decided to take an extra day to stay and celebrate Valentine’s Day and relax.  I can’t believe with all of the bad weather we have been having across the country, Palm Springs will be a beautiful 75 degrees for the wedding and almost 80 degrees for the rest of the weekend.  What to pack??? LOL  Whatever you are doing this weekend, in the snow or the warmth, remember to celebrate your loved ones!

Here is a little Friday Fun I thought I would share.  I recently had the opportunity to do a shoot for Argosy University and the Orange Chamber and met Baseball Hall of Famer Tommy Lasorda, yes Mr. Dodger himself.  What an honor to shoot this event and hear Tommy speak.  That man loves baseball!  He reminded me of my dad, always could talk about baseball and his team.  In my dad’s case it was the Yankees, but the passion was just the same, he loved baseball and all of the history that went with the game.

I snapped several photos of Tommy speaking and even got a photo with him myself.  My friend Tanya of Design Action Studios was also there and put together a little video montage of the event and his speech which you can view here.  If you like baseball, especially the Dodger’s you want to watch this!

Here is Tommy when he arrived!

Here is Tommy exercising his freedom of speech!

Orange Chamber Ribbon Cutting for Argosy University

Me and Tommy, it was such an honor to meet him…you can see how excited I am!

Me, Tommy and my friend Tanya

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Happy Wednesday to all of our peeps! I am sure by now everyone is adjusting back to the work week after a fabulous Labor Day Holiday weekend! We had a fun-filled weekend packed with the Orange International Street Fair, a great family session in Point Loma and a bbq with friends. Check back with us because the family session from the Point Loma Lighthouse will be posted soon!   So beautiful!

I can’t believe it is already September.  Summer is on its way out and the fall and holiday season is just around the corner. Yikes! We are very excited for the season because we get to do holiday family portraits. Yep, it is that time, so you better start thinking about it if you want to get a holiday card out this year.

Jeff and I enjoyed a great afternoon on Saturday at the Orange Street Fair.  It seems we are always so busy, so it was nice to walk around, eat, drink and be merry… oh and take some photos just for fun! I love spending time together where we can just relax and hang out. We have several images to share as the day turned into night, starting with our first stop a must have for Jeff… Aebleskiver’s! Jeff just loves those things little Danish pancakes, you can read about his first meeting of the Aebleskiver here.

Jeff snapped this as they prepared our snack!

They are pretty tasty with powdered sugar and strawberry sauce!

We came across a new restaurant in Downtown Orange.  As we walked around, we both received Twitter follows from the Haven Gastropub, a pub in Downtown Orange.  We may just have a new place to hang out! So, as dinner approached we made a stop in to check it out. It turns out their Grand Opening was that day, so they started serving a few menu items just in time for the street fair with more to come. We shared a burger that was fabulous and snacked on these homemade potato chips with herbs.  They were so good!  Very light and tasty. You must try them out!

I shot this in the ladies restroom. It was painted on the wall! The Haven Gastropub is a very inviting place with great food & drinks! We’ll go back!

Here are a few more image as Jeff and I wandered Downtown Orange and the Street Fair…we hope you enjoy them. Have a great rest of your week! J+D

Shot by: Jeff, Bike in Alley of Downtown Orange

Shot by: Dana, Orange Alley

Portrait of Jeff

I am known for my fabulous self portraits… smile Jeff! He just loves these!

It is a plastic cup party! A captain & coke for me and a Guinness for Jeff.

Shot by: Dana, Sunset in Alley

Shot by: Jeff, Aussie Potatoe & Ice Cream Stand

Shot by: Jeff, Italian Street

Portrait of Dana

Shot by: Jeff, Hot Dogs on American Street

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Jeff and I were recently invited to Pretend City Children’s Museum in Irvine, CA for one of their Pre-Grand Opening events. It was a great evening of networking, food & cocktails as well as a chance to check out this great new venue in Orange County. The official grand opening is this Sunday, August 30th, so all of you will be able to visit very soon! Pretend City is a fabulous place to take your kids, Jeff and I were in awe at all the fun stuff for your children to experience. We thought maybe it was a good time to start a family just so we can bring our kids here! 🙂 In the meantime, I guess we can borrow some of our family+friends kids and spoil them for a day at Pretend City, then send them home all amped up on sugar and fun! LOL.

Seriously, if you are a parent looking for a new adventure to take your kids on, Pretend City is the place. With over 15,000 square feet of space, Pretend City offers many interactive exhibits for your children to learn new things as well as just have fun. But wait, the fun doesn’t stop there! Pretend City also offers event space for various occasions in both your family and business life…from parties to conferences they have got it covered. If you have an event coming up, contact Kelly Mitchell the Special Events Coordinator…she is super sweet! We hope to share many of your events celebrated at Pretend City, as Sipper Photography is one of their preferred photographer vendors.

You must make a visit to Pretend City Children’s Museum and check it out, but until it opens here are a few shots we took…Welcome to Pretend City! J+D

Front Entrance

Lobby Entrance at Pretend City Hall

Park Bench in the Lobby

Gift Shop

Tops found in the gift shop

Gateway to Pretend City

Orange Plaza with its own little Circle of Orange…just love it!

Art Studio full of fun crafts for your children!

The Beach was our favorite spot…you have to touch the “Moon Sand” it was the most amazing thing!

Another Beach area shot!

A great place for parties and events!

One area designated for special events!

Pretend City is located in Irvine at:

29 Hubble, Irvine, CA 92618

Contact them at 949.428.3900 or visit their website at:

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Well as most of you know, we have really gotten into our blog this past year! We just love sharing our work with everyone and writing about all the fabulous people we meet at our sessions. I used to love to write poetry when I was younger, I had so much time to sit with my thoughts and reflect on life. It seems as adults we don’t take the time to just sit and relax with our thoughts and be inspired. All we do these days is make our way through the hustle and bustle of daily life and we forget to stop and take a moment to feel inspired. Most of our blogs are about our work, but this work inspires me, so I feel I can escape with my blogs and just think about these moments. Sometimes these moments are with people we just met, our friends, travels or just what is happening with us during the week (such as Jeff’s Weekly Rant’s…as I like to call them!) 🙂

Anyways, my point is that we love to write our blogs whether they are for work or play! We keep writing because sometimes opening a link to a blog makes someone’s day! Recently, we have had the opportunity to meet up with some other bloggers in Orange County to talk about why we write our blogs and just make some new friends. It is fun to chat with others who are into blogging and why they do it. We have all of these social groups that we all get caught up in, but it is nice to go out and just talk to people.

Last week we went to the Veggie Grill at the Irvine Spectrum and sat on their patio and just talked to people.It was a lot of fun and a great opportunity to meet some new friends.

The Veggie Grill had some fabulous Salads & Sandwich’s. We had never eaten at a Vegetarian place before, but we’ll give it a go.  I always say try something once, and if you don’t like it, just don’t do it again! Jeff had the “Bean Me Up Chili”, he said he would order that again…I had a little taste and thought it was really good. I enjoyed the Bayou Chickin’ Sandwich…I thought of New Orleans when I ordered it…I just love the Cajun food. Surprisingly, I thought I was eating real chicken…it was delicious!

Our friend Suzanne and fellow blogger was there, and she had the Baja Fiesta Salad…it looked yummy…here it is!

Me + Suzanne…

Another friend and fellow blogger, Kristen of The Meringue Bake Shop was there with her Margarita cupcakes. It was the day after Cinco de Mayo, so we celebrated on Seis de Mayo with our delicious cupcakes. By the way, her red velvet cupcake is the “bomb” as well, so if you are looking for cupcakes for your next party or event you should check her out! Here is a shot of our fancy cupcake…all we need now is a Margarita, yum!

So it was an evening of Food, Cupcakes, New Friends and as always…a little photography! What can I say, these things make me happy. It was nice to meet all of you, even if we only got to chat briefly, hope to see you again soon.

Here are all of our blogs if anyone wants to read in their leisure…lots of good stuff going on!

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And my final shot of the evening…as we were leaving the Irvine Spectrum…The Ferris Wheel before all the lights went out!

Enjoy, J+D

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Congratulations to Cody + Brandy and their families…little Sage has turned one! This past week we were invited to shoot the events of Sage’s first birthday party. We first met this wonderful family when we did a session for their holiday cards and they asked us to come back and celebrate this happy day. We were thrilled to be there for these memories, Little Miss Sage was absolutely adorable in her fairy costume that was adorned with wings. This birthday princess had a fairy princess themed party, even her mom Brandy wore a crown too in honor of her daughter’s big day.  The  family celebrated with friends, a pony ride, a petting zoo, bounce house and don’t forget the cake & presents…as well as many family photos.

We wish all the best to Sage and her family! Thanks for letting Sipper Photography share your special day with you.

Enjoy- J+D

Sage with Grandma (left) Sage with Mom (right)

Sage with her proud mommy + daddy!

A happy little fairy princess!

Love the little wings!

Can’t forget the cake!

Cake, Petting Zoo & Presents…a girl just can’t ask for anything more!

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