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Laguna Beach Engagement Portrait | Mike+Stacy

Here are our favorite photos from Mike and Stacy’s engagement session in Laguna Beach.  Mike popped the question here at this beach, so we thought it would be the perfect location for them to do their engagement photos.  These two really wanted to do something fun and casual for their portrait as it fits their personality.  They love the beach!!  Mike likes to surf so we incorporated his surfboard into a few shots.  We loved working with this couple.  Congrats to Mike and Stacy!



Orange County Beach Engagement Portrait

Beach Engagement Session in Laguna

Engagement Couple with Love Sign at The Beach

This is such a cute idea for an engagement portrait with the LOVE sign!

Laguna Beach Engagement Couple

Couple with Surfboard on the Beach


Beach Engagement Photo with Surfboard

The hill in the distance is the spot where Mike popped the question and Stacy said “Yes”.
This photo will remind them of that special day for the rest of their lives.

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Temecula Wine Country Engagement | Justin+Kristen

Wow! 2012 is turning out to be a great year for weddings at Sipper Photography, but also with our own families.  In March, my little sister Cindy got married to Greg in Arizona (here is their wedding blog in case you missed them)!   This August, Jeff’s cousin, Kristen (she is my cousin too, through a lovely thing called marriage) will be exchanging vows with her fabulous fiance, Justin, in Oahu, Hawaii.  We are looking forward to their big day. Hawaii Baby… Alohaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

With all of these family weddings, comes family celebrations.  Today we are having a bridal shower for our bride to be, Kristen.  So, I am ready to bring the party on!!!  In honor of their day, I thought it would be nice to share a few photos from Justin and Kristen’s engagement session we did out in the Temecula Wine Country. Happy Shower Day, Kristen!  Also, a big congratulations to you and Justin on finding the one.



Engagement ring with wine glasses

Engagement Portrait Temecula Wine

Temecula Wine Country Engagement | Justin+Kristen2012-05-26T09:19:07+00:00

Happy Valentine’s Day from Sipper Photography

Wishing you A Happy Valentine’s Day!


True Love is in the Air!

If you got engaged this Valentine’s Day, Sipper Photography would LOVE to take your Engagement Photos.
Stop by and visit our Engagement and Wedding Galleries at SipperPhotography.com

“The Two of Us, Capture the Two of You”
Jeff and Dana Sipper, Orange County Husband and Wife Photography Team!

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Montage Hotel Laguna Beach Weddings and Engagements | Chris+Saiko

Chris and Saiko recently did an engagement session with us near the Montage Hotel in Laguna Beach.  When they contacted us to do their engagement photos they requested a secluded beach location and we found the perfect spots.  As I began to shoot with the couple we instantly clicked. I had asked Saiko how to pronounce her name as I wanted to make sure I was saying it right and she said “Psycho” like crazy.   I had to laugh as she shook her head while explaining it to me.  She was so cute and definitely very fun!  After only a few shots, the both of them felt so comfortable and really started to get in the moment and show their love.  A big thank you goes out to Chris and Saiko for all of their loving moments.  We will be sharing their wedding with you soon too, so stay tuned!

Cheers and Love,


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Laguna Beach Engagement | Greg+Mary=Engaged

As I promised, more photos from Greg and Mary’s fashion style engagement session that was shot in downtown Laguna Beach.  This was a unique shoot as we mixed the celebration of their engagement with a little fashion shoot.  I couldn’t help myself as I got so excited when Mary started showing me their outfits.  We had so much fun and found some great spots for these two to strut their stuff.  I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED working with them both. I may have mentioned this in their sneak-peek post, but I had to ask them if either one of them ever did any modeling for photo shoots because they both were rockin’ it!  The two never did do any modeling, but their look and love made such a great combo for this engagement shoot.

A big congratulations to you both!!!!  You guys make a fabulous couple.  Enjoy the moments.  Cheers, J+D




 Loved Greg’s Seersucker Jacket look!




So glad to catch Mary blowing a kiss to Greg…such a fun moment!


 Clearly a magazine ad photo!



Love this boardwalk shot of the two!


Laguna Beach Engagement | Greg+Mary=Engaged2011-08-05T22:28:56+00:00

A Little Fashion Style Engagement Shoot | Greg+Mary= Sneak-Peek

This past Friday I had a fabulous engagement session with Greg and Mary. It was an early morning in Laguna Beach and the weather was perfect, plus I had the cutest couple to work with.  This shoot was so much fun as it was full of style and love on both of our parts.  I could of sworn these two were models.  I even asked them during the session!  I couldn’t wait to get home and download the images as I knew there were going to be some great shots.  As I was editing the other day, I thought to myself I would love to do some more fashion photography.  I mean these photos should be in magazines!  I am intrigued, inspired and can’t wait to do more.  I think it is time that Sipper Photography heads into the fashion photography world.  Are you intrigued?  Well, here is a little sneak-peek from the shoot.  Let me know what you think!  More fashion to come…wait to you see the others.







A Little Fashion Style Engagement Shoot | Greg+Mary= Sneak-Peek2011-08-07T17:40:58+00:00

Montage Hotel Engagement | Richard+DB=Engaged

Today we have this wonderful couple to share with you.  We met these two last year as they were the winners of our Valentine’s Engagement Contest we hosted.  We loved Richard’s proposal as he asked DB to marry him up the air over Orange County in a helicopter ride.  Please read the full story below if you guys need some ideas! 🙂

A big congratulations to Richard and DB on their engagement!  You guys are awesome, we loved sharing your day at the Montage beach with you guys  celebrating these fabulous moment.  Cheers to you both! J+D






Our Valentine’s Helicopter Engagement Story!

Too much time…
Our evening began like everyone else, with dinner! We went to our favorite restaurant Roman Cucina, in Sunset Beach. We brought a bottle of wine with us to have at the bar anticipating there would be a long wait, like the previous year on Valentine’s Day, there had been an hour and a half wait. However, this year was a little different… We walked right in and were able to sit down. I was happy because I was hungry, my boyfriend on other hand suddenly had to figure out how to stall for two hours because he had the evening on a timed schedule that I didn’t know about! He asked the waiter to bring out our appetizer and then put our dinner order in to try and drag out dinner, I didn’t think anything of it. We finished our wine with dinner and he said, “now lets go get dessert”!

Not enough time…
We then went to another favorite restaurant of ours, Sparks, in Huntington Beach, for dessert. We never have a wait and always walk right in, even one year when we went there for Valentine’s Day. This year was just a little different… There was a huge wait! My boyfriend was once again getting nervous, but now because there may not be enough time! We went to the bar area and after just a few minutes were able to squeeze into two chairs, get our delicious dessert and glass of port wine. We stayed just long enough to enjoy our dessert and port. On our way home my boyfriend announced that he needed to stop by the house for a moment, but we still had one more place to go. I couldn’t imagine where we were going it was almost 8:30, time for bed soon! The big partiers we are we tend to be in bed by nine.

Perfect Timing…
We left our home in Huntington Beach and within 20 minutes arrived at LA Helicopters at the Long Beach Airport! We boarded our helicopter with pilot Eddie and I was so excited, I have been wanting to go in one for so long, my boyfriend even had brought a long a bottle of champagne for the ride. I still didn’t think anything of it, other than what a perfect romantic Valentine’s gift! We were flying over the Orange County area when we arrived in the Anaheim area and as the helicopter began to hover and the bottle of Champagne was opened the Disneyland fireworks started to go off! I immediately had the biggest smile on my face that they had perfectly planned out with my boyfriend the helicopter route so we could watch the fireworks, he knows they are my favorite thing to watch! While hovering over them for about a minute my boyfriend, said, “Dana-Beth… Dana-Beth…Honey….HONEY”, it took him a minute to get my attention I was in awe of the fireworks! I looked at him and he took out the ring and proposed! I said, “YES!” we kissed, followed by me asking the pilots, “do you guys have a flashlight?”, everyone laughed, I wanted to see the ring and it was very dark up there! After the grand finale of fireworks the pilot flew us to downtown Los Angeles where we flew around LA’s tallest buildings! We landed safely back and ended the night with a drink at the restaurant where we first met! The evening was a dream to come true start to finish! I could not have dreamt of a more perfect Valentine’s.

In Love,
DB & Richard


Montage Hotel Engagement | Richard+DB=Engaged2011-08-07T17:25:36+00:00

Marty+Rhea=Engaged | Long Beach Engagement Session

A few weeks ago we spent the afternoon with Marty and Rhea in downtown Long Beach shooting their engagement session.  These two just wanted a simple session that would capture their LOVE.  Both of them are very fun people to be around and it was a pleasure to capture all of these fabulous moments of being in love.  Enjoy the photos! J+D










Marty+Rhea=Engaged | Long Beach Engagement Session2011-06-06T13:11:36+00:00

Brandon+Kristen=Engaged | Irvine, CA Engagement Photography

We love the moments, and we want to thank Brandon and Kristen for these below.  It was such a pleasure to work with them.  We felt nothing but love for these two and between these two.  It is amazing what comes about between two people just on a walk through a park celebrating their engagement.  This is why the two of us, capture the two of you!  These are moments that are real and not contrived in any way.  Jeff and I have a true passion for photography and when it collides with an amazing couple you get this!  Brandon and Kristen, you guys rocked…we can’t wait for your wedding in July.  Congrats to you both!

Cheers+Love, J+D









Brandon+Kristen=Engaged | Irvine, CA Engagement Photography2011-05-17T17:59:02+00:00
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