A little boudoir style by J+D! Orange County Boudoir Photography

Valentine’s just passed us by, but the Sipper’s made the best of it!  Here we have a boudoir session that we recently shot. Kirsten called me several weeks ago and wanted to do a little bit of the sexy & romance for her husband. The hopeless romantic that I am said sure, I would love to do a little something different, this would be a chance to really show some passion in our photography. We had a fabulous session, Kirsten looked HOT thanks to Hair by Kylee, who did both her hair & make-up for the shoot. The images were filled with so many moods….a little romance, love, drama, intrigue, and just plain fun!

We hope to get into a few more of these portrait sessions, they really make you feel creative as an artist…and as the client you feel like a model! It is a win win situation!

We thank Kirsten for being such a great model and Kylee for making her look FABULOUS! Enjoy the images and don’t forget to leave us some love…J+D

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  • that’s hot. my fave is the one with her laying on the bed, shoes on the wall!

  • Now, see, this is the kind of boudoir session I could see our studio doing. Great job — very classy.

  • Mary Dunlap

    Love!!! I think changing from the lingerie to the cowboy hat/boots makes it fun and sexy!

  • Kylee

    They look great. Thanks for the shout out! I’ll hook everyone else up too!

  • Thanks Dana & Jeff – I had a blast 🙂

  • I saw the new headshot of Kristen and loved it but had no idea you did it. You guys are flippin everywhere! Excellent job. Very classic and pretty.

  • Jill

    these are so pretty. Her makeup and hair are GORGEOUS.

  • This session is so hot! I love the way that you capture light. What a way to make a woman feel so beautiful!

  • Awesome, beautiful shots.

  • nice images!

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